Animation and Motion Graphics

I like to draw, I like to paint, I like to move it, move it!

Please click on any of the images to see the animation projects. The first two links take you to a new page that contain the illustrations and animations for each episode of the respective season of the show "Evil", on Paramount+.

To see more of my motion graphics, animation, and design projects,
please check out my Motion Graphics site Plasmalife.

Evil Season 2Evil Season 3Evil Season 3 Woodcut AnimationsiFrateMoebius Spew animationTrue RomanceAnimation about Je Suis CharlieUniverseman and his Dog Proton animationThe Cecropia animationThe Information animation and motion graphicsRoboworld animationOpening animation for Xbeta, a statistical analysis company.Title sequence opener for Salon TelevisionAlien Season's GreetingsHappy New Year 2016